Technology Industry

The introduction of Apache Hadoop to the technology space has brought about a whole new industry of start-ups that are building their businesses around making Big Data more manageable for enterprises. Meanwhile, the largest existing technology vendors have also embraced Hadoop technology ┬áto optimize their own internal operations and add new products and services to their product portfolios.Tech start-ups and dominant industry mainstays have one thing in common: they’ve selected a big data solutions foundation from which they can grow their businesses.

DIPImage & Video Processing

Demands to process and analyze the massive influx of unstructured data – such as spatial information, image and video, have never been higher. Companies that successfully learn to leverage these data types open the door to brand new insights.

Companies in this space have turned to big data solutions for a scalable, reliable and flexible Hadoop-based platform for Big Data.

Product Research & Development

Product R&D is critical to any technology company’s business, and most of those products today produce a steady and voluminous stream of machine-generated data. Traditional infrastructures cannot effectively capture and process this data.

Hadoop’s scalable, massively parallel infrastructure is the perfect solution, and it’s incredibly cost effective because Hadoop runs on industry-standard hardware. Hadoop eco system makes it possible for technology companies to build mission-critical R&D data management platforms on Hadoop.

Cyber Security

In the race to continuously innovate and collect data from devices in the field, technology companies are challenged to create a balance between increasing service offerings and maximizing data collection for R&D while reducing exCyberSecurityposure to perpetrators.

Sophisticated firms are using Big Data Solutions to secure their networks and prevent threats; with the ability to capture and process detailed data, these companies are able to compare experimental results with simulations that leverage actual recorded data. They also deploy large testing sandboxes for research and development and real-time fraud detection engines to catch bad behavior in flight.