We have a strong focus on Big Data and Analytics technologies. Our in-depth R&D capabilities‚ structured approach‚ and adoption of best practices help you reduce costs and provide value. Our expertise and implementation experience include the Big Data Eco System with major Technologies like

NoSQL Databases


NoSQL databases enable you to scale high as the load of the data increases by distributing the databases across various systems. Our ongoing research in Big Data and Analytics helps you implement the best NoSQL solution to solve your Big Data challenges.Technical experts at Axeor help you understand the NoSQL databases, and select the most suitable database as per your requirement.

Hadoop™ Ecosystem

We use Hadoop™ for consolidating Big Data from a variety of new and legacy sources. Our analysis and processing tools enables you to realize immediate value‚ which we have been achieving in a variety of verticals such as Advertising‚ Social Media‚ Retail‚ Financial Services‚ Telecom‚ and Healthcare.

Analytics & BI

We help you pick the ideal solution that provides an easy interface to the data present on Hadoop™‚ the RDBMS‚ and create a common platform for performing analytics over that data. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) over structured/semi-structured Big Data is needed to extract valuable intelligence and insights from this voluminous information. For your BI strategy, you should look at factors such as ease and cost of implementation, Real time Vs. Batch analysis, and ad-hoc analytics.We have expertise with solutions like Pentaho  for serving BI needs.

We provide services for extraction of Business Intelligence from Big Data. We have development expertise in:

  • Intercepting/extracting Big Data (in terms of volume, variety, and velocity)
  • Transforming Big Data to standardized consumable mass of information
  • Applying esoteric ‘analytics’ algorithms to extract patterns/rules
  • Presenting the patterns using advanced data visualization tools and techniques

Open Source

We have an extensive experience and expertise in several open source Big Data technologies, such as Apache Hadoop, R, Scribe, Apache HBase, Cassandra, and MongoDB. We can help you achieve actionable insights from your stored data using these open source Big Data technologies.