Professional Services

Consulting_580x224_tcm70-64020We can help you install, configure, optimize, tune and run Apache Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis – whether you run our distribution on servers in your own data center, or on hosted infrastructure services such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, SoftLayer, or VMware’s vCloud.

Our Solution Architecture team has successfully solved a diverse range of business and technical problems. We provide guidance and hands-on expertise to address unique enterprise challenges, including:

img_svcsUse Case Discovery

We can help you to identify target use cases and determine if Hadoop is a good fit for your organization. Our Use Case Discovery offering involves in-depth interviews with the business teams that you select in order to understand their requirements and showcase the potential impact of Hadoop on your business.  It includes:

  • Detailed documentation, including descriptions of the business teams’ goals, specifications for each data source, timeliness of data and your various data formats
  • A plan for piloting each use case that describes the required cluster configuration, points of integration and corresponding processes.


Proof of Concept

An initial Hadoop proof of concept requires proper scope, cluster setup and deep knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem. Our proof of concept offering includes:

  • End-to-end execution of a Hadoop PoC: installation of Hadoop, a one-time data load for the PoC and development of a prototype data pipeline
  • Benchmarks and fine-tuning of your cluster to prove the prototype functionality and overall feasibility of your project
  • Complete documentation of the process and results

1350803423407 New Hadoop Deployment

Deploying a new Hadoop cluster requires configuring it to enterprise-grade standards and preparing it for production. We can help with our New Hadoop Deployment service offering, specifically designed for setting up a high performance, tuned and tested Hadoop cluster that is ready for production.

Having deployed dozens of clusters ranging from tens to thousands of nodes, our  Solutions Architects are experienced at configuring complex network architectures and working with leading industry standard systems. Our deployment offering includes:

  • Full documentation of requirements, configurations, benchmarking and process to maintain and operate the cluster