Big Data Science

What is a Data Scientist?

We believe a Data Scientist is the person who can answer difficult business questions when you don’t get the answers fast enough.

Like all scientists, Data Scientists have unique skill sets. We believe they have to be inquisitive, intelligent and always looking for better solutions.  Even when they solve a problem, they continue to look at other alternatives.

The skill set that our staff is the following:

Business Understanding

  • A good Data Scientist is not just a technician.  They understand the business that they are working for. They have a business orientation because they know in every case it is a business problem they are solving not a technology one.

Think Outside the Box

  • A good Data Scientist is not just looking for an answer but the right answer. There are always multiple answers to the difficult questions they are trying to answer. This means that they must explore multiple solutions and get the right answer by exploring all possibilities.


  • A good Data Scientist cannot just find the answers but must also present them to the business in a way that they can be easily understood. Not only that but the scientist must have the communications skills to ask the right questions during the project and make sure they involve the users throughout the project.


  • A good Data Scientist cannot work in a vacuum but must use all resources available to them, even when those resources not readily available or assessable.