Everyone knows that data volumes are growing exponentially. What’s not so clear is how to unlock the value it holds. The answer is Cloudera, the Platform for Big Data. With a single, integrated enterprise-class solution, Cloclouderaudera lets you efficiently query all of your data – structured and unstructured – and have a view beyond data sitting in relational databases. Equally important, Cloudera’s platform runs in real time, so you can work at the speed of thought as you build rapidly on deep insights, create competitive advantage and become truly data-driven.

Enterprises struggle to store and manage Big Data – by definition, Big Data exceeds the capacity of current relational systems – and the reason is clear: those legacy systems were designed decades ago, long before Big Data was front and center in the collective imagination. But the development of Apache Hadoop technology changes the economics of data completely. For the first time, the technology exists to efficiently store, manage and analyze virtually unlimited amounts of data – allowing you to put the right workload in the right system.

100% open source and engineered to run on industry-standard hardware, Hadoop scales virtually without limits and handles any type of data, no matter how encoded or formatted and whether structured or unstructured. And now with Cloudera’s Platform for Big Data, Hadoop is enterprise-proven, already delivering on the promise of Big Data across numerous industries and hundreds of use cases.