Why DataSift

Social Monitoring

Social monitoring has gone from a fancy nice-to-have, to an essential strategic tool for all organizations. The tools provide insights into customers, the market and trending topics.

DataSift has built the most powerful open platform for companies that provide social monitoring tools. By working with DataSift as a platform, social monitoring companies can focus on what they do best, which is building amazing applications for their customers. DataSift takes care of the hard stuff, like hosting and normalizing social feeds, and providing the data on a 24/7 on-demand basis.

Brand Monitoring

The social real-time web is providing a tidal wave of useful information for brands to build better relationships with their customers. In the past brands were typically separated from their customers by distributors and retailers. Today brands can use social sources to get real-time insights into their customers and the competition. DataSift allows brands to build filters that follow the complete commentary on their brand, from a multitude of sources not just of social media content but also different demographics, geographical location and type of coverage in terms of sentiment expressed. DataSift gives you sophisticated tools to take both an aggregate and a granular view of how customers respond to your brand in real time. Through our partner applications this data can rapidly be transformed into an automated process that alerts you to certain changes, such as expression of extremely negative sentiment, allowing you to take positive action immediately.

Financial Services

Investors all over the world are starting to analyze the data, find patterns that are emerging, and use findings to generate additional investing “alpha”. New funds are being created to trade on this fascinating source of information. DataSift has the infrastructure to support highly detailed real-time filters, so financial services companies looking to filter by hundreds of thousands of keywords and employ complicated data tools like Klout and full fidelity link analysis will find that DataSift was architected for exactly this kind of heavy duty use case.

DataSift’s partnership network offers a variety of ready made solutions for financial services that can easily be used with DataSift data streams.