Hortonworks believes that Apache Hadoop will process half of the world’s data within the next five years. To make this happen, we are addressing the technical and knowledge gaps that exist today. We have dedicated significant engineering resources to make Apache Hadoop more robust and easier to integrate, extend, deploy and use. This has resulted in Hortonworks Data Platform, a completely open source and tightly integrated and tested distribution of Apache Hadoop. We have also launched expert support, training and partner enablement programs designed to assist enterprises and a vibrant and rapidly growing ecosystem of service and solution providers.hotonworks

Hortonworks was formed by the key architects and core Hadoop committers from the Yahoo! Hadoop software engineering team that led the effort to design and build every major release of Apache Hadoop from 0.1 to the most current stable release, contributing more than 80% of the code along the way. The team continues to be the leading contributor to core Hadoop (MapReduce and HDFS) as well as many other important Hadoop projects. We are also the major driving force behind the next generation of Apache Hadoop.

Hortonworks’ development expertise is augmented with a rich history of applying Apache Hadoop to create significant business value. While at Yahoo!, the team was responsible for supporting the world’s largest Hadoop deployment, spanning more than 42,000 servers. We also have a unique understanding of how to apply Hadoop to transform businesses by maximizing the value of data flowing throughout the enterprise. This is evidenced by the fact that Hadoop is now behind every click at Yahoo!.